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Shah Rukh Khan is known as the King of Bollywood. But the legendary actor is not just a king in professional life but is also a real-life emperor. With a net worth of Rs 5,100 crore, SRK's stardom is unmatched and he makes sure to treat himself with the some most expensive things.
Google recently entered into an agreement with WhatsApp that will stop WhatsApp backups from eating into your Google Drive storage quota. While that's great news for some, there's a caveat - WhatsApp backups on Google Drive will be deleted in November. However, you can prevent that. Here's how.
Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar have found a place on Forbes' top 10 list of highest paid actors of 2018. While Akshay took the seventh place with annual earning amounting to $40.5 million, Salman earned $38.5 million to take the ninth spot. Notably, SRK's name is conspicuously missing.