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T virulence mechanism and function to a growing list of streptokinase activities.MATERIALS AND METHODSBacterial strains and culture conditions. GAS serotype M49 strain 591 was obtained from R. L ticken (Aachen, Germany). GAS M1 strain 90226 was obtained from the World Health Organization Center for Reference and Research on Streptococci at the University of Minnesota. It was originally isolated fr
N activator streptokinase might contribute to contact system activation by S. pyogenes. Here, we report that the human contact system is activated by the action of streptokinase. The role of secreted and surfacebound streptokinase in this process was investigated by comparing an M49 S. pyogenes wild-type strain with its isogenic ska mutant, which is unable to trigger plasmin activity in human plas